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Because I’m a whore I have been able to take risks safely; because I’m a whore I have been able to explore my fantasy’s without confrontation; because I’m a whore I have been forced to consider my future; because whore I demand my worth, emotionally, physically AND  financially; because I’m a whore I make goals and have the ability to achieve them; because I’m a whore carbon tax does not scare me; because I’m a whore I have been accepted into a world where judgement is scarce and intimate friendships are formed and not forgotten in the space of a 6 hour shift; because I’m a whore I have learnt that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder; because I’m am a whore I have skills in boundary setting, assertiveness, acting and cock sucking; because I’m a whore I will not settle; because I’m a whore i am comfortable in my skin; because I’m a whore I have been forced to explore and accept my innate power; because I’m a whore my rights at work are worth fighting for; because I’m a whore I am illegal; because I’m a whore I pretend I’m not…..