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There is Ella. She is 28, married and trying to get pregnant. We’ve been friends forever. She works for herself full time. She has her cottage all set up, just a cute little one bedroom place with a spa bath and a discreet entrance. Every day she goes to work and each evening she comes home. Her husband knows what she does and although it sometimes causes tensions, they work through it. Ella is happy with what she is doing, makes good money, feels proud of her business, pays tax, but worries what others think and what that will mean for any future children. For this reason ella also studies part time while she is at work. Ella specialises in fetishes, particularly humiliating her clients.

David is 26 and loves women. David describes himself as ‘gay for pay’. David is a party boy, lives it up on the weekend, and gets into making music during the week. David gets his clients from the internet who are a mix of married men, gay identifying men, young men, old men, business men, blue collared men and everyone in between. David sees a few clients a week and he uses the front room of his house. Not many people in Davids life know what he does, and he does his best to keep it that way.

Katie is 32 and works in a brothel. She has been working in the sex industry on and off since she was 18. In between that she has studied, worked at various jobs, but keeps coming back to sex work, she chooses it for its flexibility. Although she often goes off to try different ideas, she is still not sure what she really wants to do with life, and she feels lucky to be able to explore many options with the sex industry to fall back on. Katie is also a lesbian. She is single, and struggles to talk to other lesbians about her work. Usually when she finds herself in a relationship she has stopped work.

Ben is 34 and has a sugardaddy. They have been ‘together’ for 10 years now, but have a strictly business relationship. Ben’s sugardaddy is married to a woman, super rich with plenty of time and money to play with. Ben entertains his sugardaddy 4 days a week between 11 am and 3 pm and takes 2 holidays a year with him lasting 2 weeks each. In return Ben has his own luxury townhouse in the CBD (as in.. Ben owns it) and gets a generous weekly allowance, bonus’ and gifts.

There is my friend Nalia. Nalia is a single mum with 3 children.  Nalia is 42, works part time in a job she loves. She is passionate about making a difference in the world and being a great mum. Nalia had done sex work once or twice as a teenager but, it was more what she reffers to as survival sex work. She wasnt in a good place at the time and sex work was just a means to an ends. As a result her memories weren’t as empowering as mine have been. However at this point she is in a different place. With three kids doing well, and a new confidence Nalia has decided to give it another go. She doesn’t have to. she has enough money to just get buy, but Nalia really wants to put a deposit on a house this year. There is no way she can do that on her part time job as a single mum. She she decided to use her weekend a fortnight when the kids where at their dads to go away to sex work. When Nalia comes back from the weekend, she is exhausted but still finds time to count her wads of cash.

and i know so many more and diverse whores. i know migrant whores, who were whoring it in their country of origin, before they came here looking for better working conditions. and now they work sending money home to their family and saving money for themselves.i know whores that suck cock for a quick 50 bucks while they are on their way to buy a cola, i know whores that spend their money on drugs and those who spend it on their clothes and those who spent it on their friends and those who spend it on their lovers and those who spend it on their debt and those who spend it on their houses and those who spend it on their animals and those who dont spend it. i know whores who are 60 and ive met whores who are still in their teens. i know whores who charge $600 an hour and then the same whores ive seen charge $60. i know whores who are voluptuous, cuddly, athletic, busty, pert breasted, long legged, petite, statuesque, hour glassed figured, fuller figured, long hair punk hair, boy hair girl hair teeth, no teeth, hairy, smooth, smelly and clean, etc etc etc etc etc…