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A woman had called me during the week. Her son had autism, was about to turn 30 and was a virgin. She wanted to make a booking for him to see me on Saturday as it was his birthday, and to loose his virginity is what he wanted for a present.

Oh God, the pressure. As i got ready for this booking i was becoming increasingly nervous. This poor guy was a virgin, and I’m being entrusted with giving him his first sexual experience… and a birthday present no less!!?? Welcoming him into his ‘dirty thirties’. He had probably spent the last 15 years imagining how this might go. i had a lot to live up to. Intense.

And his mum had organised it! She planned to bring him over in a taxi, what was she going to do for the 45 mins while him and i were in the bedroom? i hope she didn’t want to wait in the lounge for him! How embarrassing.

He arrived with his mum, all three of us extremely nervous, although i just went into automatic pilot. Fake it till you make it! I’m being payed to put their nerves at ease, so i cant be acting like its my first time too! The mum smiled and giggled nervously as she assured me she didn’t want to wait inside and would be fine going for a walk and will see us in 45 mins. I led Daniel into the room, explaining to get undressed, lay on his tummy on the bed, and i will return to give him a massage.

After the massage i turned him over, he laid very still, smiling widely as i touched him and spoke softly to him, checking out that he was still enjoying it. His erection went up and down, and i had to take his hand and show him that he was allowed to touch me. He had never touched boobs before… let alone anything else. The booking was difficult, and he could not keep an erection long enough to achieve an orgasm. He liked it when i took his hand and showed him how to touch me, he liked it when i gave him a lil show with my toys, but he didn’t like oral sex and the other penetrative sex wasnt going to work very well. We were both nervous, but I kept checking with him softly asking him which bits he likes and which bits he didn’t. In the end I tried giving him a hand job, but that didn’t work either. Time ran out and we both knew it wasn’t going to happen this time.

I felt a little disappointed as i said goodbye to him and his mum at the door. I couldn’t make him cum but he was grinning ear to ear! i spent a few minutes imagining what he was telling his mum about the booking…. Then I jumped in the shower, took my money and went out dancing on a Saturday night.

*later edit to address concerns about consent* I take consent very seriously and take various actions throughout the booking to check the consent of my client with everything i do. This is something i attend regular and ongoing training on.  Daniel and his mother were referred to me from their sexuality counsellor after looking at options for Daniel to have sexual interactions, as was his ongoing and stated wish. This was his 30th birthday present, had been planned and discussed and requested by Daniel for months.